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Digital X-Ray

Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS

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Digital X-rays are an incredibly accurate diagnostic tool that can help identify and prevent problems with your oral health. Utilizing the latest advanced technology allows qualified dentist Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS, to provide the best possible dental care and an array of high-quality services. With two locations in Libertyville and Antioch, Illinois, Dr. Danielewicz stays up-to-date with state-of-the-art dental tools, technology, and equipment, including innovative digital X-rays to gain an accurate insight into your dental health. Call the nearest office or book your initial checkup online.

Digital X-Ray Q & A

How does digital X-ray technology work?

An X-ray is a type of energy that passes through your soft tissues like your cheeks and gums and gets absorbed by dense tissue. Your teeth and bone are dense, so they absorb X-rays.

Digital X-ray technology involves the use of a small electronic sensor placed in your mouth that captures an image that’s transmitted to a computer screen.

First, Dr. Danielewicz or another team member covers you with a heavy lead apron to help protect your body from the radiation before inserting a small apparatus into your mouth. You bite down on the apparatus to hold the X-ray film in place. Next, the team member takes the X-ray images.

X-ray images were maintained on large film sheets until recently. With digital X-rays, the images are digital files that are stored electronically and easily accessible.

Why are digital X-rays recommended?

Dr. Danielewicz uses digital X-rays to:

  • Detect early tooth decay, cavities, cysts, tumors, abscesses, gum disease, and other dental concerns
  • Assess your tooth roots
  • Detect impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth
  • Monitor your overall dental health
  • See the status of your developing teeth

Digital X-rays can also be helpful in the diagnosis of conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder or sinusitis.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

Digital X-ray exams offer many benefits and can be performed conveniently in the dental office. Digital X-ray technology is now safer and more effective than ever before and produces clear pictures for accurate results.

Digital X-rays don’t require chemical processing and decrease the amount of radiation exposure by as much as 90%. A digital X-ray offers the lowest radiation possible to protect your overall health. No radiation remains in your body following a digital X-ray exam.

Since there’s no chemical processing, there’s no waiting for your pictures to develop and no toxic chemicals to dispose of. Dr. Danielewicz can promptly show you the pictures on a computer screen.

The digital format also allows Dr. Danielewicz to adjust and change the brightness, darkness, and contrast of the images for better visualization of certain tissues and structures. Images on traditional film can’t be changed or adjusted. Digital X-rays can be easily electronically shared and safely stored for many years to help Dr. Danielewicz keep track of your dental health.

For the best possible advanced dental care, call Dr. Danielewicz or book online.