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Same Day Crowns Specialist

Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry & General Dentistry located in Libertyville, IL & Antioch, IL

Not too long ago when you needed a crown to replace a damaged or decayed tooth, the process required two or more visits to the dentist until your permanent crown was ready for placement; but with advancements in dental technology, you can now get same-day crowns. Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS, is an innovative and experienced dentist in Libertyville and Antioch, Illinois, who values your time and offers this advanced dental treatment. To schedule an appointment to learn more about same-day crowns, call the office or request an appointment

Same Day Crowns Q & A

What are same-day crowns?

As the name implies, same-day crowns are permanent crowns that can be recommended and placed on the same day. Traditionally, when you need a dental crown to cover your tooth a mold of your tooth is made, which is then sent out to a lab that creates the permanent crown. This process can take weeks.

With advancements in dental technology, Dr. Danielewicz can create your crown at his office so there’s no need to wait weeks to restore your smile.

What can I expect during a same-day crown appointment?

You can expect attentive and comprehensive care during your same-day crown appointment. Dr. Danielewicz may begin by first conducting an oral exam to assess overall health. He then moves on to begin the process of treating and shaping your tooth, which may include any special dental procedures to improve the health of the tooth, such as removal of decay or a root canal.

Dr. Danielewicz then creates a 3D image of your tooth using an advanced digital camera, which sends the image to a special machine that creates your custom crown that perfectly fits your tooth. It only takes the software and milling machine approximately 15 minutes to create your same-day crown.

Once your tooth is ready, Dr. Danielewicz polishes your new crown to match your other teeth. He then places the crown over your tooth and makes adjustments to improve fit and comfort and then cements it into place. 

Are same-day crowns durable?

Yes, same-day crowns are as durable as traditional crowns. The same-day crowns Dr. Danielewicz uses to restore your smile are made of porcelain — a strong and durable material that can withstand the usual wear-and-tear placed on your teeth on a daily basis. With continued dental care from Dr. Danielewicz, your same-day crown should last a lifetime. 

An incomplete smile due to missing teeth may make you want to hide from the world. But with advances in dental technology, you can restore your smile in one visit with same-day crowns. For expert dental care from a dentist who goes above and beyond, call Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS, or book online today.