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Orthomate Specialist

Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry & General Dentistry located in Libertyville, IL & Antioch, IL

With advances in orthodontic technology, traditional metal braces are no longer your only option for getting a straighter smile. But not all teeth straightening systems are the same, and some may not live up to the hype. Before you go and order your clear aligners off the internet, you may want to schedule a consultation with Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS, to discuss OrthoMate, a comprehensive and effective teeth straightening system that can improve your smile safely and quickly. To learn more about OrthoMate, call the Libertyville or Antioch, Illinois, office or request an appointment online today.

Orthomate Q & A

What is OrthoMate?

OrthoMate is teeth straightening system offered by Dr. Danielewicz to improve your smile safely and quickly. In order to receive quality orthodontic care, you need a proper diagnosis, which is only possible after:

  • A comprehensive examination from a dental professional
  • Diagnostic X-rays and photographs
  • Study models

Dr. Danielewicz has concerns about the direct to consumer orthodontic care, where you’re sent clear aligners created only from a diagnostic model that may have been put together by an intraoral scanner and/or photographs. These aligners promise to improve your misalignments, but without following orthodontic standards of care. Dr. Danielewicz feels these teeth straightening systems may cause more harm than good.

To help you get the smile you want using clear aligners, Dr. Danielewicz has partnered with the Orthodontic Specialists of Lake County (OSLOC). This partnership ensures you get the proper diagnosis and the right system for not only a better smile, but also for better oral health.

What can I expect when I participate in OrthoMate?

If you come in to see Dr. Danielewicz with concerns about your smile, dental health, or bite, then he refers you to OSLOC. Your orthodontic specialist with OSLOC then conducts a  comprehensive 3D diagnosis to assess your orthodontic needs, and these records and recommendations are forwarded to Dr. Danielewicz. 

Dr. Danielewicz uses the information provided by OSLOC to create your clear aligners. To help you stay on track, Dr. Danielewicz monitors your progress and determines when you need to change your aligners through an app you download to your smartphone. This allows you to get faster results without the need to come to the office for a visit. 

Is OrthoMate right for me?

Dr. Danielewicz and your orthodontist from OSLOC determine together if OrthoMate is the best choice for you. If the clear aligning system offered by Dr. Danielewicz is unable to get you the results you desire, then other treatment options are recommended. Dr. Danielewicz and your orthodontist believe that you can make the best decision for your oral health needs only when presented with all the available information.

To learn more about OrthoMate or get started with the program, contact Brian P. Danielewicz, DDS, by phone or online today.